Wednesday, March 28, 2012

100 Days of Bliss

Ha! I wish it really was nothing but true blissful peace around here for the last one-hundred days but anyone who has ever had a newborn infant knows I would be lying if I said these last three months have been filled with only sunshine and rainbows and baby kisses.

But with that said, this simply adorable little three-month-old face is my excuse for taking such a long bloggy sabbatical. Isn't he just perfect? I couldn't be more in love...

My apologies for the poor photo quality, as it is an iPhone pic.

I suppose if I still have anyone out there reading (which would be nothing short of a miracle, in my opinion, since I, personally, tend to drop other people's blogs from my own reading list if the writer has not posted in a month or two) they may be curious about the chubby face above.

Rhett Anders was born at 12:55 a.m. on October 17th, 2011. He was 7lbs, 15oz. - only a few ounces more than my first two children at their births but he has gained weight at a substantially faster rate than Reiss or Milla. At 100 days old, Rhett weighs in just shy of 17 lbs - where Reiss and Milla were when they were around nine or ten months old. Rhett is already in 6-9 month outfits. I just love his roly poly little fat self. And I mean "fat" in the most loving way. Reiss never had any rolls. He has never had so much as an extra ounce of fat on him. Milla had chunky little thighs for a short period of time as a baby but outgrew them quickly and continues to be skinny. But Rhett...oh, I could just eat his cheeks for lunch!

Rhett did not make a peaceful appearance into this world. That is for certain! I was scheduled for a c-section that Monday morning anyway but went to the hospital Sunday night in sheer agony. I had gone to the hospital two times in the previous week and been sent home in such pain from contractions that, at times, I thought I might pass out. Having never had contractions with either of my first two children (both scheduled c-sections), I did not know what one felt like until then. By late Sunday night (October 16th), I was not having contractions but just one long contraction. Even the anesthesiologist confirmed on their little monitor thing what I had been saying (or screaming, rather) all along. I don't know how they can see pain on a screen but since they were in agreement with what I was telling them, we'll go with it.

A lot has happened since Rhett's birth and thus (such a cliche word!), the reason for my blogging absence. My days are filled with playing mom taxi to the older two, nursing Rhett, changing Rhett, carrying Rhett (he is not yet very keen on being set in his bouncy seat or swing), some days crying right along with Rhett because he won't stop crying. Okay, not really but he has been quite a fussy pants and so he has been seeing a chiropractor for massage and gentle adjustments. It seems to be helping. That, or it is psychologically working for me. At any rate, Rhett seems less fussy and that is the ultimate goal in all this.

Every once in awhile I also get in a load of laundry. The "every once in awhile" part being the biggest contribution to why Milla has no clean socks right now and why we had to snatch a pair out of big brother's drawer this morning just so she could get dressed.

The dishes are generally about two dishwasher loads behind these days. Thank goodness James got me that new set of stainless steel pans for Christmas or else we would really be in trouble with the dish situation. If I didn't love my crockpot enough before, I most certainly do now. So much so that my ole standby crockpot kicked the bucket a few weeks ago. Actually, it could still work but the handle broke off the lid and a call to Rival (Crock Pot manufacturer) proved unsuccessful for me to order a replacement.

So that is my boring life right now. It yields very little excitement but much happiness since we are all quite in love with Rhett around here as we live in our housekeeping catastrophe of a house. Maybe I will get brave and post some pics of the different rooms like Della did. Just don't anyone hold their breath......
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